Skype Call Recorder

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Skype calls recording and saving software program

Sometimes the most important conversations are held on Skype. Sometimes, you simply have to record them. In addition, Skype is widely used today in corporate call centers that desperately need an effective recording solution for improving service, for analyzing the call center's performance and for maintaining proof related to customer issues.
Such recording solution can be Skype Call Recorder. It's used for automatically recording high quality Skype audio and video calls on both sides of the conversation. It supports many audio formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG and FLAC. It also supports video formats such as AVI.
Its innovative Skype Voice Recording module enables you to record not only Skype calls into high quality audio files, but also non-Skype voice from the microphone. Like its Skype Voice Recording module, its Skype Video Recording module can record video from other sources besides Skype.
Its FTP Uploader module will enable you to upload all recorded files onto a web server of your choice.
If you're in need for a good Skype audio and video recording solution, this is the tool you're looking for. You just have to take one thing into account – you should probably make sure that the other side of the conversation that's being recorded will be well aware of the fact that the call is being recorded.
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